Steam promotes Gamer's Paradise

I wouldn't exactly call myself a "casual" gamer, but it had been a long time since I had used Steam.  So long that I had even forgotten my account information.  But recently, because of a certain quest in World of Warcraft, I had really wanted to play the Plants Vs Zombies game.  However, being totally broke as of late due to the shitty economy and bills, I couldn't really afford it.  A friend of mine encouraged me to get a new Steam account, and he bought me the game.  I was hooked, played for 5 hours right away!

It wasn't just Plants vs Zombies that recaptured my attention for Steam though.  They are having a sale from now until July 22nd where you can get games for as little as $2!  As of right at this moment you can get Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for $13.59, Age of Empires 3 for $9.99, and Knights of the Old Republic for $2.49!  These sales don't last long.  Sometimes they last for an hour, sometimes a few hours, sometimes a day, but the prices this week are going to constantly change, and you have to get them while they're hot!

You can even vote for which game you would like to see go on sale the following day.  Right now it looks like the choices are Beyond Good and Evil, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and Mirror's Edge.  The flash sales going on right now and ending in just a few hours is F3AR on sale for 9 more hours for only $4.99, Fable 3 on sale for 5 more hours for $12.49, and Cave Story on sale for 3 more hours for $2.49.  These are picked at random at any time!  Make sure you check back frequently!

Overall we must thank Steam for giving us gamers such a great deal during what are clearly hard times.  One can get hundreds of games for very little cost.  I also must personally thank my friends at GRSA, who have gifted me some GREAT games just to get my account going again.  You all make me want to cry sometimes!

Using the games you all have gotten for me, I am going to be periodically writing a review of it.  Just my opinion, so if you were thinking about getting the game, you have someone elses two cents or recommendation.  If any of you would like to add me as a friend on Steam, my user ID is Alayni1.  Hope to see more geeky people there! =)


  1. El_Giggles said...:

    The Daily Deals change once a day at 10 a.m. PST However, you can still snag a deal on the last days Deals for 12 hours after they change. The voting system is for 1 game it of 3 randomly chosen games. Vote vote vote if you see one you like, those change every 8 hours. Flash deals are the most random, catch them while you can! And don't fret if you miss a really good deal (say, missed the 75% discount and only have the 40% available) you might still catch a Daily Deal in a Flash Deal, or vice versa. And on the final day of the sale,(22nd of july as a reminder) a ton of games drop back down to ridiculous low discounts, even if they where already in a Daily Deal. Shop Smart, Shop S(team) Mart!

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