Thoughts on Disney purchasing Star Wars

Okay so, we all know by now that Disney purchased Star Wars from George Lucas for 4 billion by NOW.  If you don't what the hell kind of rock have YOU been living under?  I am sure you all have some mixed thoughts on this.  It could either be disastrous, or amazing right?  I saw a LOT of people panic on that day, hell I know most of you were double checking your calenders to make sure it wasn't april 1st.

However, I would like to do the unthinkable here, and ask you to look at this beyond your instinctual need to panic.  First off, has Disney ever produced a horrible movie?  In my opinion no.  Mediocre?  Yes.  But why was it mediocre?  It was mediocre because we hold Disney to high standards because we know them to produce excellent movies, and when we don't get that, we are like hey what gives?  To automatically think that Disney will "Pixar" the film or cartoonify it is well, a little silly.  I mean, if they are complete idiots they will, but let's face it...the people at Disney are not complete idiots.  They are creative geniuses, despite being so large and mainstreamed. 

So, for some reassurance, let's take a look at some EPIC movies Disney has done.  Pirates of the Caribbean.  National Treasure. Chronicles of Narnia. Bridge to Terabithia. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Tron. White Fang (yeah you forgot that one didn't you!). Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Mary Poppins.  The list goes on.  And let's not forget they owned marvel while the Avengers was being created.

So you must be thinking to yourself as an adult Star Wars fan, these are all movies for general audiences or kids!, George Lucas doing Star Wars wasn't?  Not to mention the quality of the latest three movies was beyond less than satisfactory.  I mean come on, gungans?  The droid humor of the battle droids was just facepalm worthy.  Do you really think Disney could go downhill from that?  I do not think so at all, in fact I am fairly hopeful they will make improvements.  Let's face it, George Lucas certainly was NOT going to be improving the movies and he made that fairly obvious.

I will admit, not seeing the 20th century fox intro come on before the movie begins, and seeing a disney castle, will trip me out personally.  So far I see that as the only issue.  And is that really even an issue?  No, just an adjustment. 

As for all you people that must find a reason to complain no matter what, and are saying Lucas sold out for 4 billion, he has publicly stated he is donating most of that to charities.  So what is your complaint?  I mean really think about this.  Lack of blood because it is now Disney?  When is the last time you saw blood in a Star Wars movie?  The answer to that is 1977 in Episode IV.  You are worried about it being too much for kids?  Ewoks.  Young Anakin.  Younglings.  Clone Wars.  Newsflash everyone, it is already for kids!  When did you start liking Star Wars?  When you were a kid!  Well most of us anyways, sorry I was not only NOT an adult in 1977 but I wasn't born yet. 

Feel free to comment on your thoughts below, but keep it a civilized debate please!


  1. 2d20 said...:

    I agree, and am cautiously hopeful about good movies to come.

    The problem with the last trilogy is that George Lucas, creator or not, isn't a Star Wars fan. When he made A New Hope, he was making a Western in space. Think about it. Innocent farm boy follows deus ex machina to meet a retired hermit who turns out to be a "great warrior" and veteran of a recent, brutal war (pretty much every Clint Eastwood movie ever). They pair up with a cowboy and a foreigner (the Cisco Kid and Poncho?) to rescue the damsel in distress from the clutches of an evil government (of California, to keep the metaphor going). With the Princess safe the group goes on to face some engine of ultimate evil (because California or Mexico is always doing that according to both the Cisco Kid and Zorro), rush in and despite all odds manage to destroy the war machine through ingenuity and daring do, and all is well in the West for one more day.

    Empire and Jedi can be broken down similarly. The "New" movies though... they're just Lucas randomly throwing space splat at a screen, semi-hoping that some of it sticks but completely knowing that people will pay to see it, and then to own it, because they loved those old Westerns in space... and he doesn't even understand why we don't like them, just like he doesn't understand how they aren't Star Wars.

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